We value honesty, integrity, and the curious exploration of the extraordinary world around us.

..and, oh, we take it personal

Evgeniy Kondev

Founder, Sofia

Ivaylo Begov

Founder, Sofia

Radost Kehayova

Managing Director, Plovdiv

Pavel Veselinov

3D Artist // Head of R&D, Sofia

 cosmoscube, architectural, visualizationcosmoscube, architectural, visualization

Lilyana Miteva

Artist // Head of Postproduction, Sofia

Matey Garov

3D Artist, Sofia

Nadezhda Chausheva

3D Artist, Sofia

Georgi Kovachev

3D Artist, Plovdiv

Antonia Toseva

3D Artist, Plovdiv

Elen Kozhuharova

Business Developer, Sofia

Hristo Hristov

Junior 3D artist, Sofia

Georgi Karapeev

Junior 3D artist, Sofia

Ivanna Stefanova

Junior 3D artist, Sofia

Sanya Lohovska

Junior 3D Artist, Sofia

The Team

All architects by education, artists by heart, and 3D masters by handicraft - we help architects, interior designers, agencies and investors present their projects with holistic and impactful architecture visuals.

We interpret architecture in harmony with its natural context, in stillness or in motion.