Upper West VR- Truman Homes

An immersive virtual reality experience for a residential apartment in Calgary, Canada.

For  our Canadian real estate client, Truman Homes, we blended traditional with  innovative technologies for the ultimate immersive sales experience on their  website. A carefully crafted, interactive combination of images and virtual  reality, guides potential customers through each of the detailed, photorealistic  spaces of an Upper West apartment. 


Our  mission was to interpret the design and virtually recreate the apartment space  as accurately and as realistically as possible. The resulting high quality VR  tour empowers customers to feel the true dimensions and emotion of the  environment, as if they are inside the finished space. It is so much easier to  imagine yourself in your future home when you can experience the tiniest  details, such as the kitchen table set-up and the amazing views from your  windows!

Additional renderings produced for the project


 We  dived into the project with our signature approach blending context, process and  people. After analyzing the design concept, Upper West’s surroundings and the  client’s potential audience needs, we visualized all rooms giving attention to  the finest interior details to achieve a maximum 3D realistic feel. Coding a few  scripts to optimize the workflow, we were able to adequately react to any  last-minute changes to project requirements. The final 360 degree virtual  reality experience of the Calgary apartment was optimized for the most popular  VR headsets on the market - Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

Project Stats

257 total work hours

5 VR points of view

28 custom furniture models

3 custom scripts written

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